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Color Dip Powder: This service crosses between gel manicure and acrylic nail without the usage of UV/LED light and the horrid fumes of the monomer. Color Dip Powder is the newest and most innovative technique that give you the beauty, strength and durability as traditional acrylic nail. We had over 50 colors to choose from. APPOINTMENT REQUIRED

-Full set color dip powder with extensions: 55

-French dipping powder with extension: 60
-Color dip powder on manicure: 45

Liquid Gel: This hypoallergenic nail enhancement will promise to give you the natural look and long-lasting nail.  APPOINTMENT REQUIRED

-Full set: 65
-Refill: 45

(Add on services)

-French: 5

-Nail art: 5+

-Gel hands/toes removal without gel replacement: 7

-Polish change hand: 10

-Polish change feet: 16

-Polish change gel hand: 23

-Polish change gel feet: 28

-Trim 'n go hand: 8

-Trim ' n go feet: 10

**Prices are subject to change ​

***STUDENT PRICING:  Discounted prices available to students.  Please inquire!

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